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Sunday February 7th 2016


No Cost Desalinated Water Costs A Lot

No Cost Desalinated »

By John Earl OC Voice Poseidon Resources Inc.'s website claims that the desalination plant it wants to build in [...]

Green Living

Ride Surfcity: Bicycle Riding Can Be Fantasitic in Huntington Beach Ride Surfcity: Bicycle Riding »

By David J Keulen Special to the OC Voice Riding a bicycle can be fantastic in Huntington Beach. The [...]

Community Voices: What to Do Before Buying A Solar Electric System for Your Home Community Voices: What to Do »

By James E. Strachan Special to the OC Voice 1. Investigate and if necessary improve the energy [...]

Poseidon Adventure: Water »

Poseidon Resources Inc. told elected officials and taxpayers that if its energy intensive and costly [...]

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Democrats Squander the Swing Vote »

By Ralph Nader The mid-term 2010 Congressional elections are over and the exaggerations are front and center. β€œA tidal wave,” β€œan earthquake,” [Read More]

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